Top technology trends for 2019 that will create the jobs in future!

The fast growing technology is reducing human labour to multiple folds these days. As a

result of which people are blaming technology for snatching their jobs and livelihood at

large. But here you will come to know that how technology is going to open the doors of

employment for you in coming future years. There are multiple technological arenas that

will enable you to manage a stable job to earn good chunks of money. For instance robotics,

Artificial intelligence and block chain are few such arenas to enumerate at this stage which

are being considered for giving future job employment in technology sector. Here is a list of

top major technology areas which you should master in for getting jobs easily in future

approaching years.

1. Artificial intelligence will serve as biggest job creator in future

From global positioning system to weather forecasting and other smart tasks that are being

performed these days are possible due to artificial intelligence only. But the artificial

intelligence is not in much use nowadays as it can be used by the people of every section. In

coming years we can see that every single task is being operated by the technology people

with the help of artificial intelligence, be it making important logical decision or working on

other important tasks. As a result of which demand of the people having skills in the arena

of artificial technology will rise to a massive extent which can directly be related to the

generation of jobs.

2. We can see the massive boom in jobs in the cyber security sector in

approaching years

The online security is subjected to multiple types of threats these days and that is why

people are getting more and more conscious about their online data. In order to save them

from data robbery, cyber crimes and ransomware various anti-virus softwares are installed

by the people. By keeping the depth of crime cyber security branch is becoming active to

curtail such activities which pose threat to online security. In coming years the entire system

is going to be online and the need of better skilled people in cyber security area will be

required to huge count. Thus we can see a tremendous growth in the jobs for people in the

area of cyber security in future.

3. Machine learning arena of technology can also create some jobs in

future for people

Machine learning can be seen in co- relation with the artificial intelligence in which enable a

given system to work without any input like human brain. For example if we get a bad

experience in our life from something, we do not repeat that thing again based on our

previous experience. Similarly machine learning works in such a way that empirical

knowledge guides the computer system for many tasks automatically without any coding.

The need of people having knowledge in machine learning sector is thus going to show the

huge demand for employment in future jobs related to technology.

4. People have a good hope for employment in robotics in few couple of


As the name indicates robotics science is very much in the air these days because of its

efficiencies and capabilities to reduce the human labour. With the help of robotics science

multiple kind of robots are prepared by the scientists to fulfil various tasks. In the coming

years this science is going to evolve to a great extent where we can see the work is being

done only with the help of robots and human being are operating them skilfully. So again

the need of managing these robots will again bring a boom in the robotics technology in

coming years.

5. The demand of skilled people in edge computing in future

The Edge computing is also another field which is taken sheen these days in technology. The

entire purpose of edge computing revolves around enhancing the experience of user for

faster speed with quick response by the system. We can see a good scope of development

in edge computing with the addition of new sort of improvements. As a consequence of

which people will be required to manage the things professionally in this sector. So we can

hope a good outbreak for employment in edge computing for upcoming scenario.

6. Jobs in the sector of virtual reality for youth in near future

The virtual reality is being celebrated in multiple arenas these days from education to

entertainment and even in medical science field as well. The entire purpose of virtual reality

is creating virtual things which appear natural but created artificially through different

softwares. For example if we talk about the online surgery of a patient which is being

operated from abroad and local doctors are managing it on patient side then virtual reality

can help in such state. The one who is demonstrating the surgery can create the virtual

situation of surgery through the help of softwares. We can see a great advancement in this

sector in near years to assist people in entertainment, education and defence as well. Thus

the scope of jobs in the field of virtual reality can be seen with crystal clear eyes by the

people having skill in this area.

7. People will secure best jobs in block chain in future without any doubt

The data can be encrypted with the help of block-chain technology in a sequence which

cannot be changed in any scenario. The applications of block chain technology can be seen

in maintaining the big records of documents related to the real estate property rights, data

of financial institutions and so on. This is the safest way to store data with the help of block

chain technology. So you can also expect the rise in job opportunities in block chain

technology as skilled people will also be needed in this sector like others.

So these are few arenas of technology in which we can expect the rise in jobs for future

coming years.


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