Prevention while taking a car ride in this Pandemic :

In this pandemic Covid-19, the world got frenzy with its spread and got a complete lockdown. Now almost after a month of lockdown car rental companies are trying to resume there services. Though companies are not able to operate there cabs at everywhere but they can operate their cabs at the places where there is green zone. And after taking permission customer or rider can book cabs in red or orange zone. Drivers, rental companies, cabs are taking precautionary measurements, so you are safe to travel. Please visit only if it is necessary. Still, in this topic we will tell the special measurements to take while you are going to take a car ride with taxi.

Tips to travel in car in this pandemic :

  • Carry a Covid-19 safety kit always with you that must consist of face mask, hand sanitizer and a bedsheet. 

  • To make zero contact always load all your luggage at the cab’s boot space.

  •  Always use a hand sanitizer before and after your ride. 

  • Always dispose any type of tissue or piece of clothes to the outside of car to take care of yourself and the next rider.

  •  Maintain a safe distance with the driver and always keep cover your mouth.

  •  Please cover the seat of the car with your bedsheet and sit on that, though the driver or the car owner will disinfect the cab after your ride. Though try to do whatever possible from your side.

 The drivers are the most affected people in the pandemic ask for there wellbeing and health that will make rapport for the long way you have to go. Almost every car rental companies taking precautionary measurements in this worst situation. Gozocabs taking all the precautionary measurements and started to take bookings in the Green Zone area to serve you. Also in the orange zone and red zone, you can book cabs if you have permission to travel.

They maintain hygiene for there drivers and keeping the car sanitized and disinfected after every ride. So that people can travel cabs without health risks. The drivers are maintaining social distance, using sanitizer and face mask to be safe from there side. The cars are being disinfected after and before every ride so that drivers and passengers maintain hygiene while going for there necessary works with cab. Make yourself safe and make others safe while doing your daily works in this pandemic.


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