Google bans advertisement for cell phone and computer repair!

Back in fall of 2018, Google ads decided to disapprove the ads related to third party software and hardware service providers. It wasn't until the beginning of 2019 that most IT businesses began seeing their ads removed. 📷 A lot of my industry friends started messaging me to asked me why my ads had been removed from google. I was happy to let them know that none of my campaigns had been affected at that time. However, I thought my ads were safe because I had previously reached out to an Apple trademark and copyright lawyer who explained the process of getting approved by Apple to use their trademarked keywords in ads. She told me what to say and who to contact. About a month later.

But in the recent weeks, Google has amp-ed up its efforts to restrict third party repair and support ads. I personally have received numerous emails from google ads support informing me that my repair ads were not in compliance with their most recent standards. I personally belief that Google is banning ads with certain blacklisted keywords in waves. Back in October of 2018, all ads with the broad keywords "computer repair" were being banned. Now in May of 2019, we are seeing even more radical restrictions with keywords like "phone repair" being Google's latest target.

Surely it is not Google's intention to permanently ban all third-party companies from advertising on their platform! Google's director of global trust and safetyIn accordance with Google's recent ad restrictions, came the news of Google's-so far-9 billion-dollar deal with Apple to remain the default search engine on the company's devices. Does this massive deal coincide with Google latest decisions to block no Apple affiliated repair ads?

It’s important to note that Google's original intention for blocking third party support ads was in response to the crowds of tech support company's scamming everyday consumers by posing as professionals. However, Google's attempt to curve illegal and fraudulent behaviour by fake businesses, has morphed into an enormous wave of destruction for the third-party tech industry.

Google is the largest search engine in the world. They have one of the most important roles in the world when it comes to deciding what consumers see... being fair and unbiased. Is that too much to ask?

I have some decent clients which have their Apple iphone repairs centre in Oxford and I am managing their SEO and Adwords account. Earlier they were worried because of this google update and asked me whether they may be affected in future?I replied yes! But still my client’s ads are still active and they are getting the leads for their business and I am happy to serving them. 📷


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