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      Human MMP13 PicoKine ELISA Kit

      2020/4/3 16:49:03 瀏覽:
      • 【品牌】: 博士德
      • 【產品貨號】: EK0468
      • 【價格】: 2280  元
      • 【規格】: 96T
      • 【貨期】: 現貨
      • 在線訂購
      【品牌】: 博士德
      【產品貨號】: EK0468
      【價格】: 2280  元
      【規格】: 96T
      【貨期】: 現貨
      【儲存溫度】: -20
      Collagenase 3 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the MMP13 gene. Most MMP's are secreted as inactive proproteins which are activated when cleaved by extracellular proteinases. The protein encoded by this gene cleaves type II collagen more efficiently than types I and III. The expression of MMP13 in osteoarthritic cartilage and its activity against type II collagen indicates that the enzyme plays a significant role in cartilage collagen degradation and must, therefore, form part of a complex target for proposed therapeutic interventions based on collagenase inhibition. It may be involved in articular cartilage turnover and cartilage pathophysiology associated with osteoarthritis. The gene is part of a cluster of MMP genes which localize to chromosome 11q22.3.
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