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          Mouse IL-1 beta PicoKine ELISA Kit

          2020/4/7 11:19:40 瀏覽:
          • 【品牌】: 博士德
          • 【產品貨號】: EK0394
          • 【價格】: 1980  元
          • 【規格】: 96T
          • 【貨期】:
          • 在線訂購
          【品牌】: 博士德
          【產品貨號】: EK0394
          【價格】: 1980  元
          【規格】: 96T
          【儲存溫度】: -20

          Interleukin-1beta(IL-1beta) is a potent stimulator of bone resorption whose gene is mapped to 2q14, and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of high bone turnover and osteoporosis. IL-1beta, a prominent microglia-derived cytokine, caused oligodendrocyte death in coculture with astrocytes and microglia, but not in pure culture of oligodendrocytes alone1. It also can cause nuclear export of a specific NCOR corepressor complex, resulting in derepression of a specific subset of nuclear factor-kappa-B(NFKB)-regulated genes2. Furthermore, Microenvironmental IL-1beta and, to a lesser extent, IL-1alpha are required for in vivo angiogenesis and invasiveness of different tumor cells3. Additional, the cooperation of IL-1beta and PDGFB induces contractile-to-synthetic phenotype modulation of human aortic smooth muscle cells in culture4. Moreover, the association with disease may be explained by the biologic properties of IL-1beta, which is an important proinflammatory cytokine and a powerful inhibitor of gastric acid secretion.

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